Source code for nlpaug.flow.sequential

    Flow that apply augmentation sequentially.

from nlpaug.util import Action
from nlpaug.flow import Pipeline

[docs]class Sequential(Pipeline): """ Flow that apply augmenters sequentially. :param list flow: list of flow or augmenter :param str name: Name of this augmenter >>> import nlpaug.flow as naf >>> import nlpaug.augmenter.char as nac >>> import nlpaug.augmenter.word as naw >>> flow = naf.Sequential([nac.RandomCharAug(), naw.RandomWordAug()]) """ def __init__(self, flow=None, name='Sequential_Pipeline', verbose=0): Pipeline.__init__(self, name=name, action=Action.SEQUENTIAL, flow=flow, include_detail=False, verbose=verbose) def draw(self): return True