Augmenter that apply shifting operation to audio.

class, duration=3, direction='random', shift_direction='random', name='Shift_Aug', verbose=0, stateless=True)[source]


  • sampling_rate (int) – Sampling rate of input audio.
  • duration (float) – Max shifting segment (in second)
  • direction (str) – Shifting segment to left, right or one of them. Value can be ‘left’, ‘right’ or ‘random’
  • name (str) – Name of this augmenter
>>> import as naa
>>> aug = naa.ShiftAug(sampling_rate=44010)
augment(data, n=1, num_thread=1)
  • data (object/list) – Data for augmentation. It can be list of data (e.g. list of string or numpy) or single element (e.g. string or numpy)
  • n (int) – Default is 1. Number of unique augmented output. Will be force to 1 if input is list of data
  • num_thread (int) – Number of thread for data augmentation. Use this option when you are using CPU and n is larger than 1

Augmented data

>>> augmented_data = aug.augment(data)